Emergency First Aid for Schools


This specially designed programme has been adapted from the Emergency First Aid at Work (EFAW) course to meet the needs of people who work within a school setting. The syllabus includes all of the content from the 1 day Emergency First Aid at Work course and includes additional subjects likely to be faced by first aiders working within a school.

Course content

  • The ability to act safely and effectively when an accident or emergency occurs;
  • The treatment and priorities of care for an unconscious patient;
  • The recognition and treatment of a person in seizure;
  • The recognition of cardiac arrest and delivery of cardio-pulmonary resuscitation (CPR);
  • The ability to recognise and safely treat a patient who is choking;
  • The ability to safely and promptly treat a patient who is bleeding;
  • The keeping of simple records following an accident at work;
  • Asthma;
  • Allergic Reaction;
  • Resuscitation of children;
  • Choking in Children.


This lasts for 3 years when the course needs to be taken again.

The HSE recommend that all workplace first aiders receive annual refresher training in first aid techniques whilst holding this qualification.

Pre-course requirements

Candidates must be 16 years of age.