First Aid for Outdoor Activities


Leading groups of people in remote areas, or participating in any outdoor activities can bring with it unknown hazards. Common injuries sustained in the outdoors range from simple cuts and grazes to broken limbs, head and back injuries and hypothermia. Being prepared to deal with any emergency should always form part of your emergency plan and you should be prepared to deal effectively with first aid related incidents when working in this environment.

Delays in emergency service attendance times, lack of effective communication and difficulty in evacuation of casualties all present additional problems for the first aider when working in the outdoors. The focus of the First Aid for Outdoor Activities programme is to address these issues. Students receive training to provide first aid for longer periods than would be expected in more urban environments.

Course content

  • Assessing and prioritising a first aid incident in remote areas, including multiple casualties scenarios;
  • Dealing with an unconscious casualty;
  • The recognition of cardiac arrest;
  • The delivery of cardio-pulmonary resuscitation (CPR) for children and adults;
  • Controlling bleeding and managing shock;
  • Monitoring and recording casualties’ condition;
  • Recognising and managing hypothermia and other cold related injuries, including cold water shock and drowning;
  • Injured bones, muscles or joints;
  • Casualty handover to professional persons/services;
  • Maintenance of first aid kits both for base & off site use.

This course covers the essentials required to provide emergency care to a patient where emergency services may be remote or delayed from the incident location.


This is valid for 3 years and additionally meets with the requirements of the HSE for ‘Appointed Persons in the Workplace’.

Pre-course requirements

Candidates must be 16 years of age.

Costs & Dates

Group > 12 Off/ Site Group Per Person
Prices £600 + £20pp £400 + £20pp £120


Duration: 2 days