Personal Servival Techniques – Refresher (PST-R)

Seafarers who hold an existing Personal Survival Techniques (PST) certificate are required to complete this updating training course to maintain proficiency under the STCW 2010 Manila Amendments (STCW Section A-VI/1 & table A-VI/1-1).

The training will take place both in the classroom and at our pool facility, where attendees are required to be fit enough to undertake the in-water practical drills, similar to those undertaken on the original PST course.

This course is part of the mandatory 5 Yearly Basic Safety Refresher Training Courses, which also include: Fire Prevention and Fire Fighting Update and Elementary First Aid.

The course is included in our STCW Basic Safety Refresher Training Course (BSTC-R).

Course Content


  • Types of emergency situations such as collision, fire, sinking;
  • Types of life-saving appliances normally carried on ships;
  • Equipment in survival craft;
  • Location of personal life-saving appliances;
  • Principles concerning survival.

Practical instruction will include

  • Donning a life jacket;
  • Donning and use an immersion suit;
  • Safely jumping from a height into the water;
  • Righting an inverted life raft while wearing a life jacket;
  • Swimming while wearing a life jacket;
  • Keeping afloat;
  • Boarding a life raft from ship and water while wearing a life jacket;
  • Taking initial actions on boarding a life raft to enhance chance of survival;
  • Streaming a drogue or sea anchor;
  • Operating location devices, including radio equipment.

Costs & Dates

Per Person
Price £125


Duration: 1 days

From: 09:00 – 17:30

For 2019 this course run’s on the following dates:

  • Saturday 19th January
  • Saturday 16th February
  • Thursday 07th March
  • Saturday 09th March
  • Thursday 18th April
  • Thursday 16th May
  • Saturday 18th May
  • Saturday 15th June
  • Saturday 03rd August
  • Thursday 19th September
  • Saturday 21st September
  • Saturday 26th October
  • Thursday 14th November
  • Saturday 16th November
  • Saturday 07th December