RYA Level 1 Start Sailing – Keelboat


New to sailing? This two day course will give you a fun introduction to the world of sailing. Follow in the steps of some of the best yachtsmen who started off sailing smallkeel boats. Most of the course will be spent on the water, but aspects of theory are included to give you an all-round understanding so that you will be safe and enjoy your time on the water.

Course content

  • Rigging a Keelboat;
  • Sailing techniques such as tacking;
  • Parts of the sail and sail control;
  • Reaching, tacking and gybing;
  • Basic rope work i.e. knots;
  • How to use an inboard engine on the boat;
  • You will also be taught how to launch and recover your boat.

Pre-course requirements:

  • Must be over 8 years old.


Costs & Dates

Group 2:1 1:1
Price per person: £180 £240 £400


Duration: 2 days

From: 10:00 – 17:00

This course is run on the days below of most weeks:

  • Monday –Tuesday
  • Thursday – Friday
  • Saturday – Sunday